I'm a psychiatry resident and PhD student in Computer Science at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My research training is done under the supervision of of Prof. Thomas Trappenberg at the Hierarchical Anticipatory Learning Lab. I am primarily interested in building better methods and tools for modeling behavioural data.

My updated CV can be found here.

Recent Papers

Nunes A, Helson TJ, Dixon LM, Trappenberg TP, & Keshen AR. Characteristic impairments of goal-directed and habitual control in bulimia nervosa. Submitted for review (2018)[preprint]

Rudiuk A, Nunes A, & Trappenberg TP. Reward Correlation Induces a Tradeoff between Model-Based Control and Exploitative Choice. Submitted for review (2018)

Nunes A, Rudiuk A, & Trappenberg TP. An Algorithm for Clustering Decision-Making Phenotypes from Behavioural Data. Submitted for review (2018)

Nunes A & Rudiuk A. The importance of constraint smoothness for parameter estimation in computational cognitive modeling. Submitted for review (2018) [preprint]

Nunes A. word2brain. [preprint] (2018)

Fard FS, Nunes A, & Trappenberg TP. An Actor Critic with an Internal Model. Cognitive Computational Neuroscience 2017 [paper]


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